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So Much to Shop at C.P. Company

By Cecily, March 14th 2023

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Why you should shop at C.P. Company?

  • C.P. Company is renowned for its cutting-edge designs that push the limits of fashion. This is best demonstrated by the company's renowned "Mille Miglia" jacket, which successfully combines design and utility.

  • High-Quality Materials: C.P. Company goods are made using materials that have been carefully chosen for their quality and longevity. To provide durable and comfortable clothing, the firm is dedicated to employing only the highest-quality materials, such as cotton, wool, and technology textiles.

  • C.P. Company pays great attention to every aspect of its designs, down to the stitching and buttons. Each piece of clothing is expertly made to guarantee the highest standards of quality and finish.

  • Items Available in a Wide Variety: The C.P. Company sells a variety of items, such as coats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, and accessories. C.P. Business offers a wide variety of goods, so there is something for everyone.

  • Sustainability: C.P. Company has made efforts to lessen its influence on the environment as part of its commitment to sustainability. The company continually seeks to enhance its environmental policies and employs recycled and organic cotton in its goods.

What Kinds of Products Does C.P. Company Offer?

Premium Italian clothing manufacturer C.P. Company focuses on producing stylish, useful apparel for men. They provide a broad choice of clothing items that are ideal for any modern man in their extensive product line. The following are a few of the goods that C.P. Company sells:

C.P. Company is renowned for its fashionable and useful coats. They have a variety of styles in their assortment, from thin, waterproof jackets to bulky, insulated coats. Their jackets are all manufactured using premium components to ensure lifetime and durability.

T-shirts: C.P. Company has a selection of trendy and cozy t-shirts that are ideal for everyday use. These t-shirts are designed with comfortable, breathable materials that are great for daily wear.

Sweatshirts: The C.P. Company assortment of sweatshirts combines comfort and flair. Their sweatshirts are created with soft, premium materials and have distinctive features, including their recognizable lens sleeve pocket.

C.P. Company has a variety of pants that are appropriate for every situation. Their pants come in a variety of attractive options, from trendy chinos to traditional denim jeans.

Hats, scarves, and purses are just a few of the accessories offered by C.P. Company. These accessories are all created with premium components and have distinguishing brand design aspects, making them both fashionable and useful.


Hot Products at C.P. Company

Goggle Jacket

One of C.P. Company's most recognizable items is the Goggle Jacket. The jacket has a removable hood with brand-specific goggles that can be adjusted to offer additional weather protection. The jacket has several pockets, including a zip pocket on the sleeve, and is composed of a strong, water-resistant fabric. For any fashion-conscious outdoor enthusiast, it is a must-have because of its distinctive style and premium workmanship.

Chrome Overshirt

The Chrome Overshirt is a functional item that can be layered over a shirt or worn as a jacket. The Overshirt is water-resistant and made of lightweight nylon. It has two sizable pockets and a snap button closing. While its utility and durability ensure that it can resist all weather conditions, its simplistic style and neutral color make it simple to wear with any outfit.

Lens Sweatshirt

C.P. Company's Lens Sweater is a timeless essential. The soft cotton sweatshirt has the brand's recognizable lens design on the sleeve, which doubles as a pocket. Its loose fit and ribbed cuffs and hem make it comfy to wear, and its distinctive pattern gives any casual look a little edge.

Arm Lens Cargo Pants

Men who care about fashion often choose the Arm Lens Cargo Pants. In addition to the brand's recognizable lens detail on the side, the trousers have various pockets, including a zip pocket on the thigh. They have an adjustable waistline and cuffs and are constructed of durable cotton. These are a must-have for every streetwear aficionado due to their fashionable but useful design.

Mille Miglia Goggle Jacket

The brand's Italian roots are honored through the limited-edition Mille Miglia Goggle Jacket. A zip pocket on the chest and several pockets on the sides are included in the jacket, which also has a removable hood with the brand's goggles. It is composed of thin nylon and has a distinctive graphic that was inspired by the famous Mille Miglia event. It is a sought-after item for any collector or fashion enthusiast due to its unique design and premium manufacture.


How to save with C.P. Company?

Free Shipping

In order to make it simpler for consumers to get their goods without having to worry about additional fees, C.P. Company offers free shipping for orders above a particular amount. Depending on the company's policy, the free shipping promotion only applies to orders placed inside a particular nation or area. The recipient's location may affect the free shipping delivery time, however, consumers should anticipate receiving their products in a fair amount of time. Customers may save money on their purchases, especially if they are buying many things, which is one of the advantages of free delivery. This can open up the products of C.P. Company to a larger group of consumers who would be reluctant to spend extra for shipment.

10% off your first purchase

A well-known fashion company called C.P. Company is providing a special offer for brand-new clients. New customers may save 10% on their initial purchase from the broad brand selection by using the coupon code offered. Here is a fantastic chance to experience the design and craftsmanship of C.P. Company clothing while saving money. It's vital to remember that this deal does not apply to sales or goods with custom colors. Nonetheless, C.P. Company offers a wide variety of items, so there is something for everyone, from timeless wardrobe essentials to daring and bold pieces that stand out.


Why choose C.P. Company?

Sophisticated Effects on Multi-Materials in a Single Bath

With its invention by Massimo Osti and his colleagues at C.P. Company in the early 1970s, garment dyeing has revolutionized the fashion industry. Contrary to traditional dyeing techniques, garment dying entails dying the finished garment as the last stage of production. This method gives a distinct depth of color and intensity that cannot be achieved with pre-dyed materials and was originally used for white or raw, uncolored fabrics. The fact that garment dyeing may be applied to a variety of different fabric or fiber types makes it even more impressive. This makes it possible for a sophisticated effect that highlights the fabric's material properties and results in a unique and personalized outfit.


C.P. Company has been one of the most innovative brands in sportswear history since its founding in 1971. Garment dyeing, an alchemical method that involves coloring a garment—typically constructed from white or raw uncolored fabric—only in the last production stage, after it has been entirely fashioned, has been a cornerstone of the company from its inception. It is no secret that one of Massimo Osti's first team members was a chemist. Over the years, Osti has worked on new outerwear forms and styles in addition to textiles.