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By Cecily, March 14th 2023

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Why you should shop at Vilebrequin?

  • High-Quality S

  • wimwear: Vilebrequin is renowned for its long-lasting, high-quality swimwear. Your swimsuit will look beautiful for years to come since their suits are composed of high-quality fabrics that are resistant to fading, stretching, and chlorine damage.

  • Vilebrequin provides a variety of swimwear styles that are both distinctive and fashionable. These swimsuits are certain to draw attention and make a statement on the beach or by the pool, with bold designs and timeless patterns.

  • A Comfortable Fit: Vilebrequin swimwear is made with a comfortable fit in mind. These swimsuits are made of supple, breathable materials that feel wonderful on the skin and provide a loose, comfortable fit.

  • Apart from swimwear, Vilebrequin also sells a range of resort apparel and accessories, such as shirts, shorts, caps, and backpacks. Their resort apparel is created with premium fabrics and

  • has distinctive patterns that are ideal for any getaway.

  • Sustainability: Vilebrequin has taken action to lessen its environmental effect and is dedicated to sustainability. Their swimwear is made from environmentally friendly materials like recycled polyester, and they employ sustainable production techniques.

  • Vilebrequin wants to make sure that its clients are happy with their purchases and provides exceptional customer service. Together with great customer service that is accessible to help with any queries or problems, they provide free shipping and returns.

What Kinds of Products Does Vilebrequin Offer?

For men, women, and kids, Vilebrequin provides a huge selection of premium swimwear, resort clothing, and accessories. With comfort and style in mind, their swimwear line features a variety of designs, from traditional trunks to shorter swim shorts and board shorts. One-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and cover-ups in a range of designs and patterns are included in their women's swimwear line.

Vilebrequin provides a range of resort clothing and accessories in addition to swimwear. Their resort wear range consists of shirts, polo shirts, shorts, and pants created from premium fabrics like cotton and linen that will keep you looking and feeling great while you're on vacation.

Vilebrequin's "Swimtrunks of the Future" line, which includes swimwear constructed from sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles, is another noteworthy offering. Vilebrequin's dedication to sustainability and minimizing their environmental effect is seen in this collection.

Hot Products at Vilebrequin 

Moorea - Classic Solid Swim Trunks

Vilebrequin's Moorea swimsuit has been a fixture in their swimwear range for more than 45 years as a timeless classic. With an elastic waistband, drawstring, and quick-drying material, these classic swim trunks offer optimum comfort and flexibility for a day at the beach or pool. You may select the ideal shade to complement your unique style by choosing from the many basic hues that are available for the Moorea swimwear. Its timeless design and flawless fit make it a flexible option that can be used for any activity involving water or as part of a chic beach suit.

Mahina - Turtles Embroidered Swim Trunks

Every beach or ocean enthusiast will adore the distinctive turtle embroidery on the Mahina swim trunks. These trunks offer comfort and style thanks to their quick-drying fabric, elasticized waistband, and drawstring. Finding the ideal pair of Mahina swim trunks to complement your style is simple thanks to the variety of colors they come in.

Father & Son - Mini Turtles Swim Trunks

Fathers and kids may share a fashionable and enjoyable swimsuit appearance thanks to the Vilebrequin Father & Son line, which has matching swim trunks for men and boys. In a smaller size for boys, the Little Turtles' swim trunks have the same turtle embroidered pattern as the Mahina type. These swim trunks are ideal for any family holiday since they are made from the same quick-drying material as the adult version.

Alhena - Long-Sleeve Linen Shirt

Adding the Alhena linen shirt to your summer collection is a great idea. While still offering sun protection, it is breathable, lightweight, and cozy. Given how smooth and opulent the linen material is, it's a fantastic option for any beach or resort occasion. It is simple to match with any outfit thanks to its classic button-down design and loose fit. The Alhena linen shirt is a stylish and comfortable option for any occasion, whether you're headed to a big dinner party or a relaxed day at the beach. All summer long, it will keep you feeling and looking your best.

Okoa - Reusable Swim Diaper

For parents of young children, the Okoa reusable swim diaper offers an environmentally friendly and useful option. This swim diaper has a snap-adjustable waistline and is made of a quick-drying, breathable fabric for convenient diaper changes. The Okoa swim diaper is a fashionable complement to any beach or poolside costume and is offered in a variety of playful designs.

How to save with Vilebrequin?

Sign Up for Vilebrequin Newsletter and Save 10% on Your First Order

You may save 10% on your first order and get informed about Vilebrequin's newest collections and deals by subscribing to their email. It's a fantastic opportunity to begin assembling your summer wardrobe while saving money on the newest swimsuit designs from this renowned company. You will receive frequent information on the newest Vilebrequin collections, including limited-edition collaborations and new styles, when you sign up for the newsletter. Also, you'll learn about special offers and bargains that will allow you to save even more on your preferred swimwear. Visit the Vilebrequin website and fill out the newsletter sign-up form at the bottom of the page to subscribe. You'll get a special coupon code that you can use at checkout to save 10% on your first purchase once you've verified your membership.


Why choose Vilebrequin?


Quality and sustainability are inextricably intertwined, and the materials the brand use have a cascading effect. Your love for your clothes will last for many future trips thanks to how their materials are sourced, which also has an effect on the environment. Also, the brand are redesigning their supply chains to reduce the amount of garbage that enters their seas via landfills. There are several trade-offs to take into account, and this is no simple task. Yet, the brand makes daily progress in switching to sustainable materials.


Our upscale swimwear was created by the company to reflect the carefree, laid-back atmosphere of Saint-Tropez in the 1970s. The harmony between greatness and ease defines who the brand is. The brand start with their employees and work their way outward to maintain that spirit. Quality workmanship is useless if it compromises the environment or human rights, after all. Vilebrequin treats its employees and clients like family. The brand construct their relationships to last, much like their swimsuits.

Craftsmanship: The Art of Swimwear

Since 1971, Vilebrequin has been a pioneer in high-end swimwear, and the extraordinary caliber of their offerings attests to their mastery of the industry. Vilebrequin's swimwear is expertly constructed with close to 32 processes involved in the production process. Each swimsuit is made with the best quality materials and is constructed to last thanks to this rigorous technique. Choosing the best materials, especially those with distinctive designs and vibrant colors, is the first step in the Vilebrequin design process. The cloth is then meticulously trimmed, making sure the design is exactly matched. The swimsuit is then put together by skilled artisans using precise sewing methods to ensure the ideal fit. In order to verify that each swimsuit matches Vilebrequin's high standards, it is then put through a series of rigorous quality control inspections.