Men's Hom Boxer Briefs

About the Brand: Hom swim smaller than expected briefs are lycra swim briefs for men in striped polyamide elastane. This even stripe which is unobtrusively finished gives a chic and rich note to this swimwear line. These swim smaller than expected briefs are multiplied at the front with froth texture in 100% polyamide. These swim briefs have a smaller than expected cut which liberates the legs, which is classic cut for swim briefs. Their swim briefs for men are especially acknowledged for the flexibility of development that they offer. The fine elasticated belt of these swim briefs is collapsed down and secured with the swimsuit's texture. Hom swim scaled down briefs are closed by tying a level string interior at the front. A little metal plate which is unobtrusively marked with the symbol is sewn to the belt with a little lace.

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