Women's Cartier Diamond Rings

About the Brand: In 1847, Cartier was founded in Paris, the romantic fashion capital of the world. At the age of 29, Cartier's founder Louis-Francois Cartier (1819-1904) took over from his predecessor Adolphe Picard and opened a jewelry store in Paris' rue Montoguel, where he had been working for 17 years.Cartier's illustrious history began when Princess Mathilde, her cousin Napoleon III, quickly became popular among princes and nobles across Europe. Nearing opportunity seizing and sensing that European royalty were attracted to the company's jewelry, Cartier opened its stores outside Europe. Gradually developing into the world most well-known jewelry watch brand deeply loved by European royal families over time; despite different eras and backgrounds Cartier has never changed its pursuit of nobility and elegance. Interwoven with pure refinement on gratuitous lines and bright colors emanating from under their craftsmen is Cartier's dignity, and dignity during their whole existence.

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